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Preseason Finale Live 1st Half Blog

Alright, just got home from work, and I got my dinner sitting in front of me and YES is on.  This should be a fun one, and hopefully you guys will be here with me, breaking it down.

So nobody met me in the chat box, so I will be live blogging here.  Made a new post just because all those silly updates were clogging it up.  Leave some stuff in the comments for me if you wish!


  • We get Gus Johnson and Clyde Fraiser as our announcers…should be fun, they are great!
  • Devin Harris playing tonight.
  • Interviewing Ewing Jr…blah…blah…blah…get to the Nets!

Starting Lineups

  • Knicks -Randolph, Lee, Duhon, Crawford, and Richardson
  • Nets – Lopez, Anderson, Simmons, Harris, and Carter

1st Quarter

  • 11:20 left – Randolph drills the 1st bucket over Lopez
  • 10:20 left – VC3!!!  Carter drills a three.  Nets up 5-4
  • 9:43 left- Nice foul by Harris, not letting him get the shot up.  VC turned over that last one, but I like to see him driving the lane.
  • 9:00 left – The Nets and the Knicks exchange threes.  Followed by a nice little move by Lopez.  Showing a nice touch.
  • 7:30 left – Lopez doing a nice job getting outside on Randolph’s jumper forcing the miss.  14-12 Nets.
  • 6:20 left – Lopez drills a 15 footer…nice touch.  18-15 Nets.
  • 5:22 left – Timeout.  Nets up by 1…
  • 5:22 left – Starbury and his crazy ass head tattoo is now in the game.  Let’s see if he does something crazy.
  • 5:11 left – Lopez gets bailed out on a traveling call.
  • 5:00 left – Nice screen by Lopez for Harris.  Would love to see him penetrate off of that rather than settle for the jumper.
  • 4:45 left – Crawford is hot!  Drills a three when the help comes.
  • 3:45 left- Williams and Hassell check in.  I am hoping to see some energy from Williams.
  • 3:40 left – And right as a say that, a offensive rebound off from the line.  Leading to another pair of shots.
  • 3:10 left – Williams gives up an offensive board to Lee, but makes up for it with a block.
  • 3:00 left – Simmons is on fire…another three Nets up 28-23.
  • 1:32 left – Dooling, who should be our go-to guard of the bench drills a three.  33-24 Nets.
  • 0:20 left – Williams drills a jumper…nice shot
  • End of 1st – Tied 35 – 35.  Nets shooting 64% Knicks shooting 50 – something %

2nd Quarter

  • 11:28 left – Lopez showing some good hustle.  Didn’t get the rebound, but put up enough of a fight where the Knicks couldn’t break.
  • 10:20 left – Great two man game by the Nets!  Lopez on the post with the nice little handoff to Dooling on the cut for the lay-up.
  • 9:43 left – Lopez with a nice move to force the foul.  Two shots for him.  Which brings up my favorite thing about him.  He can shoot from the stripe.  80% last year in college.
  • 8:56 left – Knicks lead 45-43 in this no defense game.  Both teams could be breaking three figures in the third quarter.
  • 8:40 left – Even though we didn’t score on that play, I really what the offense has been doing.  Pick and rolls, posting Lopez…Do this during the regular season Frank!
  • 7:00 left – CDR uses his speed and athletic ability to get to the whole.  Game tied at 47.
  • 5:40 left – Clyde the Glide just said we have swiss cheese defense.  That is a fair assessment.
  • 4:45 left – Anderson seems to have lost confidence in his shot already.  He hesitates then drives, turning it over.
  • 4: 24 left – Harris with the great move off of the pick and roll.  And 1.  Misses the foul shout though.  55-49 Nets.
  • 3:42 left – Duhon turns it over.  WORST. SIGNING. EVER.
  • 3:21 left – Carter with a great putback jam.  Nets up 8.
  • 2:57 left – Knicks end an 8-0 run.  I am not sure if that run was caused by our defense or the Knicks terrible offense…ill say defense…since im a homer.
  • End of first half – Nets winning 62-57.  Sorry about the lull towards the end…had to step out for a minute.  I am back though!

2nd half blog!


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