The Nets Are Scorching

Preseason Finale Second Half Blog…

3rd Quarter

  • 12:00 left – David Lee starts out as the Knicks center.  If we don’t get it in the post to Brook…
  • 11:24 left – And we do…but Lopez has to enforce his will a little more.  Can’t settle for a jump hook there.
  • 11:00 left – Nets show a little half court trap, and it results in a T/O.  I like that move, lets try to force the issue.
  • 10:35 left – Simmons may have stepped out of bounds there, but he is playing really well tonight.
  • 10:00 left – Another thing a great big man gives you?  Less double teams and help.  Harris with the easy lay-in because Lee was afraid to leave Lopez.
  • 9:45 left – Lopez gets his 4th block, runs the court makes the layup…but is called for the charge.
  • 8:35 left – VC3!!!  A nice pass by Harris leads to this one.
  • 8:10 left – Anderson drills the three off of the pick and pop.  Pick and roll with Lopez, pick and pop with Anderson.  I am really liking what I see from this offense.
  • 6:16 left – Hilarity ensues as the announcing team discusses whether Marbury’s tattoo was real.
  • 6:00 left – Harris drills a 15 footer…hopefully he can do this consistently.
  • 5:20 left – Lopez does what he does and hits another 2 foul shots.  Giving them an 82-66 lead.  Let’s see if we can crack 100 in the third.
  • 4:14 left – Lopez with a rebound and a putback.  They are up 84-66…Knicks’ fans are getting restless and begin booing…music to my ears.
  • 2:37 left – Great D by the Nets.  It leads to a 24 second violation.
  • 2:12 left – Hayes drills a two, some great ball movement by the Nets…I am loving this offense right now!
  • 1:03 left – The Nets give up back to back threes.  This is the weakness of the Nets D…allowing the three ball.  We need to close out quicker!  Let them drive into Big Brook.
  • 0:47 left – Robinson is too tiny there.  Swatted by two Nets.
  • End of 3rd – Crawford drills a three to end the quarter as the Nets just watch.  How on earth do you let Crawford who is on fire get an open shot off like that?  HOW?!?!?! Nets up by 12

4th Quarter

  • 11:22 left  – Tired of giving threes to Crawford?  Yeah, let’s just foul him.  That makes sense.
  • 11:00 left – Great hustle by CDR getting the steal then taking it coast to coast before getting fouled.
  • 9:50 left –  CDR shows off some of his athletic freakishness. Nicely pinning the ball off of the backboard.
  • 9:00 left-  After a rough start, CDR seems to be settling into a nice rhythm scoring the Nets’ 100th point of the night.
  • 7:30 left – I feel like im just writing about Roberts this quarter as he drills another jumper.
  • 7:00 left – We get our first Ager sighting as he gets to the line.  He hits both
  • 6:19 left – Hayes just misses dunking on the entire Knicks’ roster
  • 5:45 left – If LeBron is going anywhere in the tri-state area, it will be the Nets!
  • 5:00 left – Rose shows his experience by “pulling the chair” on Williams, leading to the walk.
  • 4:20 left – It sure looks like we are tired of giving up threes to Crawford.  Why not let Patrick Ewing Jr. hit some.
  • 3:00 left – I knew it was too good to be true…we aren’t going to hold the Knicks under 100.
  • 1:45 left – It is a 6 point game after another three by the Knicks…key word…another…
  • 1:15 left – Another three by the Nets…I don’t get it, why help out on the dribble drive…a 2 is ok, no threes!  Stay home on your man!
  • 0:50 left – The Nets have the ball again after trading baskets…up three.
  • 0:28 left – The Knicks are cheating, they put Crawford back in.  He hits a lay-up getting the lead down to 1.  111 – 110.
  • 0:04 left – Poor late game execution or playcalling.  Let’s run a pick and roll there with Lopez, it has only worked all game.
  • End of 4th – That shot looked good the whole way and nearly gave me a heartattack.  Nets win by 1!

That was a pretty good way to end the preseason, and minus the 4th quarter it was all good.  Come around tomorrow to catch my recap and analysis.  See you then!


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