The Nets Are Scorching

A Look Back At Friday…

I wish I could have had this up a lot sooner, but two days later is going to have to do for now.  This is going to be a huge in depth recap with me analysing stats like I usually would (im serious…I do in fact do that), but in my opinion stats are not a big deal in the preseason.  Why?  Well, because in the preseason (especially the last couple of games when guys are fighting for roster spots) you are playing people who may or may not be on a NBA roster.

What is important to me is how the team looked, the sets they were running, and who was out there working their ass off.  There was a whole lot of good in this game, but there was also some bad.  I will talk about the good first.

  • All our rookies look ready.  I am not saying they all should be starting (well, except Brook, if he isn’t starting, I swear…), but if Anderson or CDR had to play due to foul trouble or injury, I would be ok with it.  Anderson was a little shaky starting out – hesitating a little before pulling his shot – but he seemed to settle down towards the game.
  • Devin Harris and Vince Carter are playing in mid-season form.  Harris is getting into the lane – dishing and finishing (his jumper still needs a ton of work).  Vince doing his thing too.  Hitting his jumper, and even driving the lane.
  • It looked like we had a real offense out there.  We were getting the ball to Brook in the post, running the offense through him.  Also, we were running pick and rolls with him and Harris.  My favorite though, was the pick and pop.  Anderson would set a screen on the top of the key, and instead of rolling, he would just pop out to the three point line, for a wide open look.  If we can run these sets during the season – and expand on them as the season goes along, to keep teams from scouting us.

And now the bad…

  • Defense.  Boy did we look terrible on defense, hell, we gave up 110 points to the Knicks…the Knicks!  The key to our poor defense – and what we need to fix before anything – is how we defend the three ball.  The way we close out on shooters is absolutely terrible.  Our guards close out too cautiously…we have two guys who can erase shots at will (Lopez had 4 on Friday – Williams had 1),   why not go all out on the shooters and funnel them inside?  Even if Lopez doesn’t block the shot, he will alter it.  And if he doesn’t get to the shot and we give up a layup, giving up a 2 is better than giving up a 3.

That was about it when it comes to the bad, couldn’t really critize the rotation or the starting line-up since we had a bunch of guys out for the game so it was hard to get an idea of how he is going to use some players.  All things considered it was a good showing…our defense is going to kill us though.  We aren’t going to be able to put up 111 every game.  I sure hope we do, but it is highly unlikely.


October 27, 2008 - Posted by | Game Recaps, Preseason

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