The Nets Are Scorching

Nets’ First 16 Games Key To The Season

October Opponent Time Local TV Radio
Wed 29 @ Washington (1-0) 7:00pm YESHD
November Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Sat 01 vs Golden State (1-1) 7:30pm YESHD
Tue 04 vs Phoenix (1-2) 7:30pm YESHD
Fri 07 vs Detroit (1-3) 7:30pm YESHD
Sat 08 @ Indiana (2-3) 7:00pm YESHD
Mon 10 @ Miami (2-4) 7:30pm YESHD
Wed 12 vs Indiana (3-4) 7:30pm YESHD
Fri 14 vs Atlanta (4-4) 7:30pm YESHD
Sat 15 @ Atlanta (4-5) 7:00pm YESHD
Tue 18 vs Cleveland (4-6) 7:30pm YESHD
Fri 21 @ Toronto (4-7) 7:00pm YESHD
Sat 22 vs LA Clippers (5-7) 7:30pm YESHD
Tue 25 @ LA Lakers (5-8) 10:30pm YESHD
Wed 26 @ Sacramento (6-8) 10:00pm YESHD
Sat 29 @ Utah (6-9) 9:00pm YESHD
Sun 30 @ Phoenix (6-10) 8:00pm YESHD

The table above shows the Nets first 16 games (through November) also known as the most important part of the Nets’ season.

Why is this part of the schedule so important?  Because if we start out with a halfway decent record (7-11 is the limit, anything less is no good), this will prove to Rod Thorn that we can contend for one of those bottom playoff slots and he will stand pat.  If we start out poorly, Thorn will lose confidence and probably go into full rebuilding mode…which means trading Vince Carter.  And once that happens, no shot at the playoffs, the only thing we would be competing for is lottery balls.

So how will we do?  After looking at the schedule above (which is pretty soft) I see us finishing 6-10.  If everything plays out like I have it, Rod Thorn is going to be making a tough decision.  Keep the team together and hope for a playoff apperence, or trade Vince for a young guy and/or draft picks.  I personally would like to see playoffs (and I think if Vince stays on the team we will make the playoffs), but who knows what will happen?


October 29, 2008 - Posted by | Preseason

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