The Nets Are Scorching

Game 79 Live-Bullets

So I am here, watching the game, so I might as well put my thoughts out there.  Think live-blog, except more random and less organized.

  • We just saw Lawrence Frank get interviewed, he said some guys were going to have their minutes increase.  I am hoping it’s Yi and not Boone, but knowing Frank, it’s probably not Yi.
  • Got the Nets’ starting line-up correct.  The Pistons’ lineup is correct too.  I get nervous about those sometimes.
  • Rip Hamilton’s beard looks so awesome.
  • We are underway.  The Nets win the tip, Harris misses the first shot of the game, and Rip drills a jumper, we can’t let him get hot.
  • I hate to point out how correct I am (I’m serious) but the Pistons go right to ‘Sheed on the post.  Ryan Anderson can’t cover him there.  Yi?
  • The Pistons are hot early 3-3.
  • Brook with a nice turn around jumper.  He hits it and gets fouled…he makes the foul shot.
  • Lopez, 20 footers aren’t your thing.  Please move in!
  • The Nets show zone.  I like that call, hides the Anderson – ‘Sheed mismatch.
  • Ummm…defense guys!  The Pistons are 6-6 from the field right now…make that 7-7 McDyess drills a jumper.  15-8.
  • Brook Lopez is working Antonio McDyess.  He gets to the foul line, where he is shooting just over 80%.
  • CDR getting some early action as he replaces Dooling.  He starts up matched up on Rip.  That’s a tough assignment, but I think CDR is quick enough to get around all of the screens and long enough to contest shot attempts.
  • Nice little high-low between the rookies Lopez and Anderson.  Anderson to the line.
  • Kwame Brown sighting.  He draws the foul as we get to the first media.  15-11 Pistons are up.
  • So the Pistons miss their first shot with about 5 minutes left, and we get CDR to drill a jumper.
  • Anderson isn’t able to keep up with Wallace right now, he has 8 points with 2 threes.
  • Devon Harris gets to the lane and draws the foul, we need more of that tonight.  Stuckey can’t match his speed.
  • Lopez gets pinned in the post deep, and Kwame Brown draws Lopez’s second foul.
  • Yi!  Finally get to see him on the court, he’s playing center, but at least he is out there.
  • The game tomorrow is on YES2…blah…no HD for me tomorrow.
  • Yi being productive!  His crash of the board draws a foul on Rip.  Yi is on the line for two.
  • Boone enters the game, Yi moves back to the 4, which is good because I want to see how he does there.  We got Josh Boone, Keyon Dooling, CDR, Yi, and Hayes.  I though Frank said he was going to play his regulars.
  • Yi being productive!  He drills a three!
  • Dooling drills a shot at the buzzer, and we end the first quarter down 7.  The score is 20-27.  We are off our pace to hit the win #, which is 100 points.
  • It seems like the Nets are in a lull for the first quarter today.  Maybe it is because they were just eliminated from the playoffs, or maybe it is because Frank is playing guys not used to getting minutes, but I don’t know, something just looks off.  Here’s to hoping the offense can get back on track in the second quarter.
  • CDR is doing a fantastic job on Rip.  I don’t think he has even hit a basket since CDR started covering him.
  • Kwame Brown is looking like a #1 pick against us…oh yeah, he was one…
  • The Nets are getting pounded of the defensive glass right now.  The Pistons lead 32-22.
  • It’s amazing that Will Bynum went undrafted.  He was playing in Israel earlier in the year, that’s just crazy…
  • Boone misses a lay-up, can we please take him out of the game?
  • Alright fellas, my internet is acting up.  I am still watching the game and will give my thoughts when it is over, but the Live Bullets are over.  It is probably for the best, I am none too happy right now…

April 10, 2009 - Posted by | Live-Bullets

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