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Breaking Down The Possession: Game 79 Nets vs. Pistons

I did this last game and got some positive feedback, so I figure I might as well do this for each game (yeah I know there are only 4 left).  Tonight’s possession is late in the 4th quarter, after the Nets cut the lead to 5.  The Pistons come back and Rip drills a three.  What went wrong?  Let’s look at it.


The Pistons up by 5 with under a minute left, let the shot clock run down before starting the play.  There is 29 secons left in the game and 5 seconds on the shot clock as Will Bynum gets the offense started.  The key players for the Pistons are Will Bynum (covered by Vince Carter), Rip Hamilton (Covered by CDR), and Kwame Brown (Covered by Brook Lopez).  The way the play is set up, it seems like this is going to be an ISO for Bynum (who dropped 20 on us), but what is really happening is that the Pistons were looking to take advantage of our rookies.


Bynum drives, but not out of control, just enough to force CDR to help.  As CDR takes his eyes off of Rip, Rip starts sliding towards the corner.  As this is happening Kwame Brown is sneaking behind CDR, ready to set a big screen.  This is where the first two mistakes are made.  CDR helps too much, he needs to jab at Will Bynum and mantain eye contact with Rip to make sure he doesn’t get open (The beauty of the play is that there is so little time left on the clock, Bynum’s drive looks like the scoring play to everybody, and that is why CDR helped so much).  Second, Brook Lopez needs to recognize what is happening and he needs to call out the screen.  Watching it in real time, it is obvious that he doesn’t do this.


Bynum jumps up and makes the pass to Rip Hamilton.  By the time this happens, Brook and CDR finally realize what is going on, but it is too late.  CDR can’t close out on Rip because he is staring right at Kwame Brown’s chest.  Brook realizes what happens too, but it is way too late, and he can’t close out in time.  Rip Hamilton drills the 3, and the game is pretty much over.  Here it is in real time:

Now should have CDR and Brook Lopez recognized the play?  Yes, but the Detroit Pistons did a beautiful thing by singling them out and running the play at them.  In the end, it was a great play, watching this live, I didn’t see it until it was too late too.  You should have seen me yelling at my TV.


April 11, 2009 - Posted by | Play Breakdown


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