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Game 81 Recap : NJ Nets 91 – Charlotte Bobcats 87

Welp, another win, this time against a lackluster Charlotte team.  I know a lot of Nets fans are rooting for losses so we can get more ping pong balls.  I am 100% against this for three reasons:

  1. These games are obviously important to the players.  Vince Carter has been going hard, and Devin Harris even returned and played a lot of minutes in this game.  These guys are competitors and they want to get as many wins as they can.
  2. We end the season on a good note, and this leaves everyone with a good taste in their mouth for the offseason.  Now I know you don’t think this is too important, but on a team as young as the Nets, it is.  We have 3 rookies who plan on contributing a lot next season, and if we finish the year on a good note, and that makes them want to work harder in the offseason, its definitely a plus.
  3. Karma.  What?  I am serious…take last year for example, there were a ton of teams tanking last year to try and get in the Derrick Rose sweepstakes, and what happened, none of those teams got there.  It was the Bulls who ended up with the #1 pick (the odds had them picking 9th).  Now I know we probably won’t be bumped up to the #1 pick, but who knows, maybe we get a top 5 pick without tanking the final two (now 1) games.

/rant.  Anyway, on to the recap:

  • This isn’t a win to be too proud of.  Despite not really having a bench, the Bobcats used one, playing 9 guys over 20 minutes.  That team isn’t 9 deep, that’s for sure.  Well, a win’s a win, right?
  • Devin Harris played and played pretty well considering the bum shoulder.  In 31 minutes, he had 11 points and 4 assists.
  • Yi is still getting minutes (18 tonight) but he still isn’t showing up.  Maybe he mailed in the season after the injury, but Lawrence Frank just keeps putting him out there as if to say “look, you are getting minutes and still not producing.”  He scored just 1 point while going 0-5 from the field.
  • CDR had another solid, not spectacular game.  I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, but I see this guy becoming the second coming of The Matrix.  Shawn Marion played like this for a while before he broke out, and I can’t wait to continue watching this guy develop and grow into a starter.
  • BROOK!  Brook had a monstrous game tonight.  18 points and 20 boards (8 offensive).  Brook haters/doubters are going to say look who he is playing against, but you can’t take this performance away from him.  This was a great game, and Brook is finishing his rookie season strong.  Now let’s just hope he wins the rookie of the year.

We have 1 more game, against the Knicks after tomorrow’s off day.  It will be nice finishing the year off beating those guys…


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Game 81 Preview: Charlotte Bobcats vs. New Jersey Nets

Alright, the game at 8:00 tonight, coverage starting at 7:30.  The game will be on YES2 again, channel 18 in central Jersey (This is just another reason I hate the Yankees).

  • The season series here is split 1-1, this game is the rubber match.
  • Each team won on the others home court.  The Bobcats beating the Nets by 8 at the Izod Center, and the Nets beating the Bobcats by 11 in Charlotte.
  • The Nets are 3-7 in their last 10, while the Bobcats are 4-6.
  • The Bobcats are 12-27 on the road, while the Nets are 18-22 at home.

Nets Starting Lineup

Now I am just guessing with this line-up.  I don’t think we will be seeing Harris at all, so here is who I think will be starting.  I will let you know if it is any different.

  • PG – Keyon Dooling
  • SG – CDR
  • SF – Vince Carter
  • PF – Ryan Anderson
  • C – Brook Lopez

Celtics Starting Lineup

  • PG – Raymond Felton
  • SG – D.J. Augustin
  • SF – Gerald Wallace
  • PF – Boris Diaw
  • C – Emeka Okafor

Their Mismatches

  • Boris Diaw vs. Ryan Anderson –  For once, Ryan isn’t mismatched here due to the fact that he is an undersized 4.  Boris is about the same size as him.  Boris is a savy vet who can do just about anything from rebounding, to getting assists, and he can even put up points if he has to.  He has a somewhat unorthodox style of play, using a lot of pump fakes and headfakes around the basket.  I think he will get Ryan in early foul trouble.

Our Mismatches

  • Our Bench vs. Their Bench- The Bobcats were just recently eliminated from playoff contention.  That being said, they will probably be giving their starters some rest and their bench will be getting more time.  This is one of the few teams in the NBA that has a weaker bench than the Nets, and we should be able to take advantage.

Key Matchup

  • Vince Carter vs. Gerald Wallace – Gerald Wallace is probably one of the most underrated players in the NBA.  Every night, he matches up against the opposing team’s best scorer (In this case VC), and he does a hell of a job shutting them down.  Now Wallace doesn’t usually put up numbers on the offensive end, but he is a capable scorer.  Anyway, this matchup should be fun to watch when the Nets get the ball.

Final Random Thoughts

  • The Bobcats were just eliminated from the playoffs, so you may see a rotating bench just as the Nets are doing.
  • This is a battle of late-lottery teams, a win by either team can positivly effect the others’ draft position.
  • Yi is going to get under 10 minutes, book it!
  • There is probably going to be a whole lot of Josh Boone/Brook Lopez on the court the same time stuff going on.  It is going to be interesting to see how they play off of each other.

The Result

  • I think we are going to take this one, and extend our winning streak to 2 games.

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Game 80 Recap (Quick Edition): NJ Nets 103 – Orlando Magic 93

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter/Passover weekend, I know I did, and that is why I didn’t get this up yesterday, but here goes nothing.

  • Even though Rashard Lewis was sitting this one out (knee tendinitis) and Hedo Turkoglu was out most of the 4th quarter (rolled ankle), this was a good win for the Nets.  We had our own injury (Devin Harris – shoulder), and it is good to see that we aren’t tanking the season away just to get more ping pong balls.
  • I wasn’t too pleased when the Nets brought in Keyon Dooling, mainly because I did not think he was good enough to be a backup for us.  Throughout the year, he has shown that he is in fact very valuable.  Every night he makes me eat my words, and tonight was no different, starting for Devin Harris, Keyon put up 12 points and 10 assists.
  • This was Brookie night, and after a solid first quarter, Lawrence Frank decided to sit Brook most of the second quarter.  Now I know we are playing everybody, but this is Brook’s night, you have to give him some burn.  In the end Brook finished with a double double, 13 points and 11 rebounds in only 21 minutes of play.
  • Boone had a pretty solid game (I personally am still not a fan).  In 27 minutes he put up 11 points and 8 boards.
  • Yi also had some solid minutes tonight (25) but didn’t take advantage.  Although he did have 7 rebounds, Yi only mustered 3 points, and I think it is safe to say that Yi won’t be getting too many more minutes this year after that performance.
  • Ho Hum…Vince Carter 40 minutes 27 points and 9 assists…Ho Hum…
  • I am going to miss having Vince Carter on this team.

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