The Nets Are Scorching

Yi Wins An Award

It’s just not a good one.  With the season winding down, you have a lot of national media writers posting their awards and such.  Steve Aschburner from did this as well, just with a little twist.  He gave out awards for the bad of the NBA season.  Included was his pick of Least Improved Player…Yi:

Yeah, right. It was Milwaukee’s fault and its lack of Chinese culture and limited opportunities afforded by former Bucks coach Larry Krystkowiak and … and … and … The excuses can’t hide the fact that Yi has had ample opportunities with the Nets this season and has frittered away most of them. Yi has played himself out of New Jersey’s starting lineup and is averaging only 5.7 points since the All-Star break. He is shooting 38.5 percent for the season, to which we can only say, “Yao!”

If you can for a minute, lets ignore the terrible pun at the end.  Yes, Yi has been awful, and he has probably deserved this award, but Steve Aschburner fails to point out some key information in this post.  He mentions the PPG after the All-Star break, well that’s convient, he has been hurt and his minutes have been cut.  All I am saying is if you are going to bash players like this, at least be accurate (or explain why he only had 5.7 points after the All-Star break) in your bashing.  But like I said, yes Yi has been awful this year.


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Vince Carter Sees Himself A Net Next Year

Dave D’Alessandro reported this yesterday, but I am just getting around posting about it.  It seems that Vince Carter sees himself staying in New Jersey for at least another season.  When he was asked if he did anything differently stepping off of the court of the IZod center (because it could be the last time he does so), Carter responded:

“Naaah, That’ll jinx you.”

Jinx is a funny word to use there, does that mean he wants to play on that court again?

“If you approach it that way, all of a sudden you say, ‘If I didn’t do that, it would have been different,’ As far as I know, I’ll be here next year, that’s why I’m trying to do what I have to do for this team — to keep us together and build something for next year.”

When asked about if he still believes he can reach a his goal of becoming a champion as a Net, Vince brought up the Celtics of last year.

“But you never know, I don’t think Boston felt that way three or four years ago. They asked Paul Pierce the same thing, and then they made the trades. So anything is possible.”

This is an interesting quote, does VC know about some trades the Nets are going to attempt to make?  As Vince said, you never know.  Back to his quote though, it’s all well and good for a player to want to stay here, but it’s Rod Thorn’s opinion that matters.  What is that opinion?

“I think he has several really good years left, as long as he keeps himself in top condition. If he mentally wants to do it, he has several top-flight years left.”

In the end, all these quotes mean one thing.  That Vince Carter will be back wearing a Nets uniform next year.  I know everyone takes shot of his lack of toughness and his love of settling for jumpers (Myself included), but he is without question the leader of this team, and we would struggle to make up for the production we lose if we lose him. Another plus of keeping is that we know what direction we want to go to in the draft.  Right now there is talk of drafting a 3 or a 4.  Now that we know Vince is more than likely staying, we can draft a 4, develop a real nice frontcourt, and worry about getting a 3 of the future  (even though I already believe he is here – CDR Baby!  Woot!)  in later drafts.  Everything next year will just be easier if Vince is a Net.

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