The Nets Are Scorching

Game One Random Updates

I will be around tonight posting some bullets from time to time so stick around if you want and leave some comments.  The Czar and Marv are talking, so I will see you around.

  • I didn’t notice this sooner but from opening day last year to now, there are 12 new players…that is plain nuts.
  • The Czar reports that Frank will play 10 players in the first half and dish out 2nd half minutes based on how they play in the 1st.  Should be interesting, but I don’t like this…let’s say Brook has a poor first half because of nerves…is he not going to play in the 2nd half?  I thought the preseason was supposed to be used for evaluation.
  • Its official…Boone starting instead of Brook.  We also got Yi, Simmons, Harris, and Carter.  No real surprises.  It will be interesting to see when Brook gets in.
  • Yi gets his first bucket of the season, the Wiz comes back and hit (what else is new) a three.  Although hearing Marv say “I can’t feel my face” was kinda funny.
  • Carter gets his first jam of the year off of a very nice attack to the hole…good to see him not settling for a jumper.
  • It looks like Hayes is the 6th man tonight.
  • Yi’s shot looks on point tonight…I like how our offense is looking so far…a lot of movement and screens.
  • The Czar calls Gilbert flamboyant, I think that is just a fancy word for gay.
  • Rookie sighting!  Brook…no its not Brook its Ryan Anderson.  What the fuck?
  • Anderson makes me eat my words and drills a three.
  • And now here comes Brook.  This blogger is very happy now.
  • CDR enters the game and now we have all three rookies in at the same time…
  • Anderson gets his second block…I am really liking how he is playing right now.  Shooting with confidence and playing some solid defense.
  • At the end of the first quarter, we are tied at 23.  Our defense is looking halfway decent tonight, we are on pace to hold the Wizards under 100 so far.
  • Both squads got their second unit in, and the game is getting sloppy.

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