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Game 81 Recap : NJ Nets 91 – Charlotte Bobcats 87

Welp, another win, this time against a lackluster Charlotte team.  I know a lot of Nets fans are rooting for losses so we can get more ping pong balls.  I am 100% against this for three reasons:

  1. These games are obviously important to the players.  Vince Carter has been going hard, and Devin Harris even returned and played a lot of minutes in this game.  These guys are competitors and they want to get as many wins as they can.
  2. We end the season on a good note, and this leaves everyone with a good taste in their mouth for the offseason.  Now I know you don’t think this is too important, but on a team as young as the Nets, it is.  We have 3 rookies who plan on contributing a lot next season, and if we finish the year on a good note, and that makes them want to work harder in the offseason, its definitely a plus.
  3. Karma.  What?  I am serious…take last year for example, there were a ton of teams tanking last year to try and get in the Derrick Rose sweepstakes, and what happened, none of those teams got there.  It was the Bulls who ended up with the #1 pick (the odds had them picking 9th).  Now I know we probably won’t be bumped up to the #1 pick, but who knows, maybe we get a top 5 pick without tanking the final two (now 1) games.

/rant.  Anyway, on to the recap:

  • This isn’t a win to be too proud of.  Despite not really having a bench, the Bobcats used one, playing 9 guys over 20 minutes.  That team isn’t 9 deep, that’s for sure.  Well, a win’s a win, right?
  • Devin Harris played and played pretty well considering the bum shoulder.  In 31 minutes, he had 11 points and 4 assists.
  • Yi is still getting minutes (18 tonight) but he still isn’t showing up.  Maybe he mailed in the season after the injury, but Lawrence Frank just keeps putting him out there as if to say “look, you are getting minutes and still not producing.”  He scored just 1 point while going 0-5 from the field.
  • CDR had another solid, not spectacular game.  I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, but I see this guy becoming the second coming of The Matrix.  Shawn Marion played like this for a while before he broke out, and I can’t wait to continue watching this guy develop and grow into a starter.
  • BROOK!  Brook had a monstrous game tonight.  18 points and 20 boards (8 offensive).  Brook haters/doubters are going to say look who he is playing against, but you can’t take this performance away from him.  This was a great game, and Brook is finishing his rookie season strong.  Now let’s just hope he wins the rookie of the year.

We have 1 more game, against the Knicks after tomorrow’s off day.  It will be nice finishing the year off beating those guys…


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Game 80 Recap (Quick Edition): NJ Nets 103 – Orlando Magic 93

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter/Passover weekend, I know I did, and that is why I didn’t get this up yesterday, but here goes nothing.

  • Even though Rashard Lewis was sitting this one out (knee tendinitis) and Hedo Turkoglu was out most of the 4th quarter (rolled ankle), this was a good win for the Nets.  We had our own injury (Devin Harris – shoulder), and it is good to see that we aren’t tanking the season away just to get more ping pong balls.
  • I wasn’t too pleased when the Nets brought in Keyon Dooling, mainly because I did not think he was good enough to be a backup for us.  Throughout the year, he has shown that he is in fact very valuable.  Every night he makes me eat my words, and tonight was no different, starting for Devin Harris, Keyon put up 12 points and 10 assists.
  • This was Brookie night, and after a solid first quarter, Lawrence Frank decided to sit Brook most of the second quarter.  Now I know we are playing everybody, but this is Brook’s night, you have to give him some burn.  In the end Brook finished with a double double, 13 points and 11 rebounds in only 21 minutes of play.
  • Boone had a pretty solid game (I personally am still not a fan).  In 27 minutes he put up 11 points and 8 boards.
  • Yi also had some solid minutes tonight (25) but didn’t take advantage.  Although he did have 7 rebounds, Yi only mustered 3 points, and I think it is safe to say that Yi won’t be getting too many more minutes this year after that performance.
  • Ho Hum…Vince Carter 40 minutes 27 points and 9 assists…Ho Hum…
  • I am going to miss having Vince Carter on this team.

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Game 79 Recap: Pistons 100 – Nets 93

Last night was another close game, but it still turned up as another loss.  Even though it was a L, there were a lot of things that could be taken away from last night’s game.

  • Well, we didn’t reach our 100 point mark, and they is due mainly to a terrible first half.  The Nets only put up 38 points in the first half, and we were trailing 54-38.  The lack of scoring is understandable, in the first half, Lawrence Frank was giving minutes to players who weren’t used to playing too much (Yi and Josh Boone for example).  In the second half, the Nets scored 55 points in the second half, and in my opinion, this is attributed to Frank riding the hot hands.
  • The man leading all exit polls for Most Improved Player (yes they have those), Devin Harris, re-injured his shoulder, and sat out most of the second half.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, CDR got to see more minutes, and I was very impressed with his play.
  • As I just mentioned, I was very impressed with CDR’s play last night.  He doesn’t look the smoothest, but the kid knows how to play, and he just gets the job done.  Last night, his line was 31 minutes, 16 points, and 4 assists.
  • The other two rookies played pretty well too.  Brook, before fouling out put up 16 and 7.  Ryan Anderson dropped 20 points.
  • Now the bad.  Yi only got 7 minutes and while he had 4 points, it seems like the Nets have made their decision on him.  It looks like the Nets will be looking for a 4 in the draft.

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Game 78 Recap: Celtics 106 – Nets 104

Hey, at least it wasn’t a blow out right?  I am glad to see the Nets still out there playing hard, I am 100% against tanking.  Here are my thoughts of the game in a nice and neat bulleted format.

  • So Rajon Rondo played…I think that whole sprained ankle on Friday was just a ruse.  Rondo killed us on a night the other big 2 only combined for 22 points.  31 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists.  Where was Devon?
  • Yi.  Another DNP, really?  I can understand if he isn’t healthy enough to play, but we need to see what he is about before the draft.  There are a lot of strong 4s in the draft, but I would like that know how Yi is, and where we are at, before we take a 4.  It is just not smart to sit him again and again…and again.  Especially since the games are kinda worthless.  I’d like to see Yi get Boone’s minutes…he’s pretty much worthless in my opinion.
  • I was against him on the team in the beginning, but Keyon Dooling has been growing on me all year.  I just love how he plays on the offensive end…also holding Ray Allen to 12 points is pretty solid too.
  • Vince Carter wants all this Demar DeRozan talk to stop now!  A lot of Nets fan have expressed their love for DeRozan, and many mocks have the Nets grabbing him.  VC would like to inform everyone that he can still play.  33 points, 12 boards, and 5 assists.  That’s a line right there!
  • Our offense was great all night, especially in the first quarter where we scored 31 points.  Devon and Brook were running the pick and roll beautifully, the ball was getting swung, and guys were hitting shots.  6 guys in double figures and 104 points against the C’s thats pretty solid.
  • Boy I miss Eddie House.  Eddie did what Eddie does, 15 points, no rebounds.  He just hits shots.

All in all, it was a solid performance (heck we had two decent looks the first to tie, and the second to win), I would have liked to seen better defense (especially on Rondo) but those are the breaks, and that is why we aren’t a team that will be in the playoffs.  Stay tuned, later today, I am going to break down that final possesion.

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A Look Back At Friday…

I wish I could have had this up a lot sooner, but two days later is going to have to do for now.  This is going to be a huge in depth recap with me analysing stats like I usually would (im serious…I do in fact do that), but in my opinion stats are not a big deal in the preseason.  Why?  Well, because in the preseason (especially the last couple of games when guys are fighting for roster spots) you are playing people who may or may not be on a NBA roster.

What is important to me is how the team looked, the sets they were running, and who was out there working their ass off.  There was a whole lot of good in this game, but there was also some bad.  I will talk about the good first.

  • All our rookies look ready.  I am not saying they all should be starting (well, except Brook, if he isn’t starting, I swear…), but if Anderson or CDR had to play due to foul trouble or injury, I would be ok with it.  Anderson was a little shaky starting out – hesitating a little before pulling his shot – but he seemed to settle down towards the game.
  • Devin Harris and Vince Carter are playing in mid-season form.  Harris is getting into the lane – dishing and finishing (his jumper still needs a ton of work).  Vince doing his thing too.  Hitting his jumper, and even driving the lane.
  • It looked like we had a real offense out there.  We were getting the ball to Brook in the post, running the offense through him.  Also, we were running pick and rolls with him and Harris.  My favorite though, was the pick and pop.  Anderson would set a screen on the top of the key, and instead of rolling, he would just pop out to the three point line, for a wide open look.  If we can run these sets during the season – and expand on them as the season goes along, to keep teams from scouting us.

And now the bad…

  • Defense.  Boy did we look terrible on defense, hell, we gave up 110 points to the Knicks…the Knicks!  The key to our poor defense – and what we need to fix before anything – is how we defend the three ball.  The way we close out on shooters is absolutely terrible.  Our guards close out too cautiously…we have two guys who can erase shots at will (Lopez had 4 on Friday – Williams had 1),   why not go all out on the shooters and funnel them inside?  Even if Lopez doesn’t block the shot, he will alter it.  And if he doesn’t get to the shot and we give up a layup, giving up a 2 is better than giving up a 3.

That was about it when it comes to the bad, couldn’t really critize the rotation or the starting line-up since we had a bunch of guys out for the game so it was hard to get an idea of how he is going to use some players.  All things considered it was a good showing…our defense is going to kill us though.  We aren’t going to be able to put up 111 every game.  I sure hope we do, but it is highly unlikely.

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