The Nets Are Scorching

Thorn Takes Back Playoff Expectations/Injury Updates

Thorn, who said before the preseason started up that he expected his Nets to make the playoffs, is now changing his tune.  Apparently a terrible preseason on the defensive end can do that to you.  From the NY Post:

The goals are a tad less lofty now.

“Get better. Show we’re competitive. Show we’ve got a nice future,” Thorn said yesterday when he insisted he hasn’t lessened expectations, but maybe made them a bit more realistic.

Nice.  Oh and in the same article, Fred Kerber got a nice quote from coach Frank about whether or not my man-crush Brook Lopez or Josh Boone would be starting tommorow.

Frank wants to see Boone practice today, but it sounded as if Boone may have an edge to start over Lopez because of experience.

“Josh, because he’s been here, is probably a little bit more comfortable communicating and talking in terms of calling the defensive commands,” Frank said.

Wonderful.  Yeah that works, let’s start the guy with the lung issue over the guy who had a great preseason…”experience”…ha what a joke.  Looks like someone is trying to save his job already and doesn’t want to see any rookie growing pains…


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