The Nets Are Scorching

The Weekly Preview

This is going to be a weekly feature here, and until I can figure out a clever name for it, “The Weekly Preview” it is.  Id like to give you guys, the readers, a good idea of what you will be expecting to see each week.  Usually this will get posted on Monday morning, but since this blog just started up yesterday, Tuesday is going to have to do.  So here is what is coming up for this week:

  • Tuesday – Nets Randomness/Blog Sprucing Up
  • Wednesday – What Addition of Yi Means
  • Thursday – Preseason Game vs. Sixers Recap/Look At The Nets Forwards/Look At The Nets Guards
  • Friday – Look At The Nets Centers/Knicks Preseason Game Live Blog
  • Saturday – Why Coach Frank Should Be Fired
  • Sunday – Knicks game recap/season outlook

Well, there you go a full slate of Nets posts which makes me happy and I hope will make you happy.  Like they always say, you can only make one first impression.


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