The Nets Are Scorching

Nets are on NBATV’s first ever Fan Night

NBA TV has come up with a halfway decent idea for their Tuesday night’s games.  Their idea is called “Fan Night” where they give you, the viewer, the opportunity to vote for your favorite match up out of three listed.  The winning game will be played on NBATV.  Well guess what, the Nets vs. Suns are one of the choices this week.  Us Nets fan’s need to get them on National TV.  Here is the link to vote:

Fan Night Voting

Now, if the Nets win, Nets fans outside the Tri-State area (there has to be 1) will get to see the Nets, but also we’d be sticking it to THE MAN.  Yeah sure, they are giving you the chance to vote, but you know what game they want you to pick.  The Celtics vs. The Rockets.  That is why they put it up against two crappy games (or what they think is crappy).  I say we throw a monkey wrench into that plan.  Let’s go guys!  Let’s vote for the Nets!


October 29, 2008 Posted by | Nets News, Vote | 2 Comments