The Nets Are Scorching

New Nets Blog On The Scene.

Alright.  Finally I am back on the team blog scene.  There is a good chance that you have no idea who I am, well unless you are a Bulls fan and used to/or still read  Anywho, what you probably don’t know is that along with being a Bulls fan, I am also a die hard Nets fan due to my strategic location in central New Jersey (don’t worry, when the two teams meet, I am always rooting for the Nets).

Before we get to the Nets, I guess you guys should know a little bit about myself – also known as Sebastian.  It’s only fair right?  Well besides being from central NJ, I have been a huge basketball fan since I can remember (been to at least 3 Nets games a year) thanks to my dad.  Despite only getting as far as the high school level in my own career, I feel like I have a great knowledge (modest right) of the game, especially when it comes to the Nets, and hopefully I will be able to prove it to you all.

There are a ton of great New Jersey Nets blogs out there, and I am hoping to be able to add to that total.  We are going to be getting to the reviews, previews, and news in the next couple of days, so bear with me as I get things going.  In terms of bearing with me, please bear with me with the layout of the blog, I am still looking for what will fit best for my blogging style.  So if you see a bunch of different themes in the next couple of days, it’s just me fiddling around, I will still be here I promise.

I will try and get something up tomorrow, even if it is just a silly video or news post, but there will definitly be some analysis by Wenesday the latest (since I know that is what you guys are waiting for!).  Hope everyone enjoys their stay here!


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